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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Thank you for choosing Don Bosco School of Excellence for your child. At Don Bosco we are committed to achieving excellence by creating a joyful, learning atmosphere.  Nurturing Young Leaders is the operational philosophy of our school.  To achieve this goal, we offer our students the best possible opportunities to become confident and creative young people.  As the school year progresses, you will come to realize that, I am your child’s biggest Advocate here in the school.  I will work tirelessly to ensure that they feel welcomed here. My top priorities are to provide children with an atmosphere that is positive, caring and that which focuses on learning.  I only hope they will enjoy and always look forward to a memorable school journey. Dear parents, you have a monumental role in this journey.  As parents you are the first teachers.  You introduce them to education and self - discipline.  Regular schedules and routines at home, such as scheduled homework time, bedtime and meals, help children to develop the independence and self- discipline they need to thrive in the school.  In the school, we teach them the core subjects – Language, Mathematics, History, Geography and Physical Education – to widen their knowledge and sharpen their skill.  But, when it comes to character formation your role is absolutely fundamental.  Trust me, only with your assistance we will be able to mold your children into responsible, empathetic, knowledgeable and productive citizens. As the Principal, I request every parent to take time...

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